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The Multanimous Mind Forgets

April 30, 2011

Productivity  Series Tip # 1

I have found the coolest productivity tool and I want to share it with you immediately.

There are two things that I do a lot of:

  1. I spend a lot of time on the Internet. And I’m talking a LOT, as in, hours upon hours of reading, researching, and browsing.
  2. I often forget things. In fact, I am seriously, pathologically absent-minded sometimes.
I don't know Photoshop as you can see

I know I generally come across as a fairly put together person, which I am, I swear. But every now and then I have a little lapse and I will do something like throw my cordless house phone into my handbag and skip out the door…or, (and I can’t believe I’m sharing this with you online but I’m going to anyway), parking a convertible car outside Wholefoods in California once and popping in for half an hour to do my grocery shopping, forgetting the keys in the ignition…with the ENGINE RUNNING. True story.

Granted, these both happened while I was pregnant, so we will reserve judgement and blame it for now on the spikes in the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) during pregnancy, (which has been linked to Alzheimer’s!), otherwise known as ‘Pregnancy Brain’. You know what I’m talking about…..

But even in my mostly lucid moments, I find that I am constantly discovering amazing things online and then forgetting where I saw them. It’s really annoying.

The solution:

Evernote has become my brain, on my desktop. I love it and use it every single day.  This is how it works.

You download the software onto your computer, (PC or Mac) and then you get their little elephant logo in your browser. Now every time you see anything you want to remember, you just click on the elephant, and it stores the image/video/text/file in a perfectly organized way AND synchronizes everything to your account online so that you can access it from anywhere. Really, it’s amazingly useful.

I have loads of folders on it, but I have named my default folder ‘ROCK IT’. It’s for stuff I find that will help me grow my business, improve my fitness, be more productive, you know just generally rock it.  It kind of makes me feel happy and empowered every time I add something to it. If I wasn’t already using Evernote, I would add it to my Rock it folder.

Plus, I love the elephant. It’s not explained anywhere on their site, but I’m guessing it must be a nod to the saying that ‘an elephant never forgets’. Do you remember Colonel Hathi in Jungle Book?!

So , to those of you that have bookmarks saved on multiple browsers…or lists of links, or a million files cluttering up your desktop (you know you do!) …do yourself a favour and get Evernote, you will thank me.

I leave you with this:

PS. Just for fun, click here to learn the origin of the phase ‘An Elephant Never Forgets’.


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